About Us

Firewise Idaho is currently opperated by Scott Telford. Scott is a Rexburg/Sugar City native who recently returned to Idaho after a hiatus in Utah. Scott has dabbled in many industries, but boasts substantial experience in the insurance and education fields. He also is quasi retired and operates Firewise as a public service to his native home.

Firewise Idaho is owned by Ryan Hagge. Ryan moved to Rexburg to attend Ricks College in 2000. He returned to Rexburg when it was announced that Ricks College would be made into a four-year university. Ryan worked for Les Schwab Tire Center in Rexburg to pay for his education and also dabbled in construction and retail sales. Graduating from BYU-I with a degree in English Education, Ryan soon acquired a teaching job at Madison High School. Ryan began working for the Madison Fire Department in 2010. Ryan was a staple of the Rexburg community until 2016, when he was recruited to help open a brand new charter school in South Jordan Utah. Ryan currently works as an Academic Director for American Academy of Innovation